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The patented Knelson Continuous Variable-Discharge (CVD) concentrator was developed to address specific mineral recovery applications which are amenable to enhanced gravity separation but, due to comparatively high content of target mineral, are not practical for conventional batch-type concentration methods.

The Knelson CVD concentrator is also the only continuous centrifugal concentrator available that utilizes Knelson's widely proven patented fluid-bed technology.

While CVD technology is suitable to selected precious metal recovery applications the technology is primarily utilized as a rougher concentrator used in the bulk recovery of various base metals and industrial minerals.

The continuous technology differs from the semi-continuous (batch) technology by delivering a continuous stream of concentrate. The CVD will discharge the concentrate while simultaneously processing fresh feed, whereas semi-continuous units must be stopped intermittently to remove concentrate.

The CVD Knelson Concentrators are suited to applications where the target mineral exceeds 0.5% of the total feed solids.

Current Knelson CVD Applications


Potential Knelson CVD Applications

  • Ilmenite/Rutile
  • Ferroalloy (alloy from slag)
  • Pre-concentration of mineral sands
  • Pre-concentration and de-sliming of heavy minerals
  • and more

How Does It Work?

Learn more about how the continuous-type Knelson Concentrator works.


The continuous-type Knelson Concentrators are designed to incorporate many of the same components and features as the widely proven batch-type Knelson Concentrator.

All Knelson CVD units are equipped with fully automated control systems to allow the concentrator to operate hands-free without disruptions. The operator interface allows for on-the-fly adjustment of operating variables such as fluidization water flow, G-force and concentrate mass yield.

Fluidization of feed creates an effective separating medium and also ensures smooth operation and reduced abrasive wear. The fluidized CVD can effectively de-slime most feeds and is not prone to the plugging problems that has plagued other types of centrifugal concentrators.

The continuous-type Knelson Concentrator can be easily retrofit into existing plants. The CVD has a small footprint offering high processing capacity.


  • Machine platform utilizes over 30 years of successful applications in mineral processing
  • CVD concentrators offer robust design for long life and high availability
  • Available in a patented dual ring design enables the simultaneous production of two concentrate streams. Primary and secondary concentrates can be separated enabling individual treatment for better metallurgical efficiency
  • Feed, concentrate and tails will not plug, bridge or pack as can happen with the dewatering effect of un-fluidized enhanced gravity systems.
  • Enhanced downstream processes by pre-concentrating and de-sliming of feed


The Knelson CVD is available in a number of sizes and configurations to suit a range of diverse applications.

Find out which model is applicable to your needs by evaluating the CVD specifications below or contact a local Knelson representative.

Specifications  Note: Updated Spec Sheets

Download the CVD Series specifications for each model click here to go to specification page.

The specification sheets are downloadable Adobe Acrobat PDF files. The Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in is required. If you do not already have this plug-in installed on your computer, download a free-ware copy at Adobe's web site.

Download the CVD brochure.

English Continuous Variable Discharge (CVD)
PDF doc | 4 pages |  369kbs

Additional Information / Request a Quote

Do you require additional information or want to request a quote, complete the online information/quote form and a Knelson representative will contact shortly.

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"We have selected Knelson as our primary gravity process at all operations processing ore which is amenable to gravity concentration."

"We are very strong proponents of gravity concentration and have selected the Knelson Concentrator on the basis its efficiency to recover a significant portion of the overall gold into a very small high-grade concentrate mass."

"We view the Knelson Concentrator as a simple, reliable and robust unit which compliments downstream recovery processes by producing low cost ounces right out of the grinding circuit where free milling gold if first liberated and available to be recovered," commenting on Ashanti's purchase of their 17th Knelson Concentrator. - George Potter - Ashanti Goldfields Company Managing Director Group of Metallurgy and Supplies, Ghana ...more > >
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